IBM Business Process Manager

Single coach, multiple validation paths

Simple question: you have multiple buttons on a coach, and each has a different requirement on the data entered.
You set up the first validation, and you get the green tick flow. All is good.
You set up the second validation, and you don't get another green tick. Okay, fair enough, they all go through the one script. So how do I differentiate between the different button presses to determine which validation rules to apply?
That predicament is valid for the default button, but I made a button that sets a string to a provided variable on click, and that would provide me with the ability to choose which rules to apply.
Still, I'm left wondering why a coach, by default, only allows a single validation path from a coach. Now I have to build a moderately monolithic case structure to handle it.
I believe that one can detect which button was pressed to cause the validation to occur. Given that, one can then design the validation logic accordingly. I think the designers intent when they designed coaches was that before a coach would be allowed to transition to the next step in a Human Service, it would have to pass validation. That seems to be accomodated by the current solution.
However, I think there may have been some merit on being able to attach validation handlers to outgoing links coming from a Coach. That too seems like it would have worked and also solved your considerations.

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