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Weird sync behaviour between BPM 8.5.6 environments

Hi Guys
We have a weird and or rather unexplainable behaviour between our BPM Dev, tst, pre, trn, mnt environments that is starting to become a real issue for us as we are setting out to sort out our security.
Current behaviour is, when we log in to say the DEV ProcessAdmin and make a change to any of the snapshots team member bindings (add or remove from LDAP) then the change we made automatically applies within a few seconds on all other of the non-production environments. We verify this by logging in to TST or TRN ProcessAdmin consoles and we can see the DEV change, this works vice versa...
The only place we have picked up this behaviour is when making team binding changes.
All our BPM non-prod environments are all deployed in 2 AIX Lpars as clustered nodes across 2 DC's, we have the standard platinum 3 cluster install, but we split the profiles on filesystem layer and further on ports (1)+default=dev, (2)+default=tst etc...
SO all the profiels share the same OS/tmp etc.
I have split the TRN environment /tmp out to use a seperate location by adding & temp.dir= in custom props, and also added -Xshareclasses:none. Hoping that if we do this we will not see the current issue anymore, but unfortunately that did not help.
Thought I would ask the forum for assistance before logging the PMR with IBM.
Hey Guys
With zero response from the forum members I suppose I will have to log the PMR... :(
Your post is a little bit confusing. You stated that you were "using Process Admin to change team member bindings" but then after say "add or remove from LDAP". Can you go through exactly what you are doing. Based on what you wrote it feels like you have at Team bound to an LDAP group and what you updated was not the Team, but the LDAP group. If this is the case it is doing what it is supposed to do, since in this scenario LDAP is a shared entry for all the systems (assuming all environments are going to the Same LDAP).
If you are simply adding / removing team members (either groups or people) in the Process Admin screen, this change should not cascade into other environments until you deploy your Process.
Can you clarify what you are doing?
-Andrew Paier

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