Which database should I use in this budget app project? [closed] - javascript

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: )
On my adventure with coding, I got to the point when I want to learn about databases but I don't quite get where to start.
I know that we have SQL and noSQL and I get the difference more or less.
The project:
It's a basic budget app. For personal and learning use only (me + a bunch of friends). I store the data in local storage. It's not really convenient + I want to learn the alternatives.
The project has been deployed via Netlify.
In the future, I'd like to write a small app which would work as a survey app and then save the app in some database so that I can analyse it (I actually need such an app to finish my Master's thesis and can't find anything). There would be mostly closed questions. Then, I'd like to check eg how many ppl chose A in question 1 and simultaneously B in question 2. Here, the SQL database would be more convenient, is it right?
I use JS and React.
My question is:
is there any free server online that I could use as a database?
I thought about JSON file. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot make a fetch request from the app to the app. I understand that I would need a server or API. I don't want my computer to be the server as it's not sustainable.
The same thing with node.js, right? I can't use it inside the app to change a file in the app unless I use localhost, which I don't.
I also thought about Mongodb. I don't quite get how it works. I saw a tutorial that instructed me to download it. Then I will use my computer as the server, right? Is there an option to use some online database, preferably for free?
I know that Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer sth, but it looks a bit perplexing to me and before I dive into this, I'd like to know if I'm at least going in the right direction. I saw a tutorial about Google sheets as a free online database. It looks complicated but would fulfil my need. Do you have any experience with that?


Which one do I choose [closed]

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I'm about to create a web application first but even though I manage the development with rails, graph and react. should I use python thinking more in the future of the application, if it grows in time? Or if you know about a technology stay first with it for development and then migrate?
Couple of option you can choose for web application
Use GRAND Stack : GraphQl +Reactjs + Apollo server+ Node js + Neo4j(instead of this use any other database which you are comfortable)
If web app event based : Then user Nodejs as server-side technology (MERN)
If web app as Data-computation/ Algorithms solution : then Go we React(Front end) +Nodejs(orchestration/ Middle layer) + Python(application layer/or back-end )+ any DB
Yes, i say every framework is good enough, in the long run every thing comes down to one question, how efficient code did u write?
You can use django if you are interested in python. It is a famous framework which has its own ORM and many security built in features another option is flask
I will share my experience.
Recently, coded a website in laravel 5.5, at first everything was fine but when the number of user(s) grew to >50k. The site became slow and my servers showed 100% cpu usage. Later i changed the code, tried to remove nested loops, optimized my queries and used cache technologies like memchached. The site is working fine now.
i hope that answers your question.
I hope the best for you,
Happy Coding

Want to create a new application for website traffic monitoring ( analysis ) [closed]

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I want to create my own application for monitoring traffic of my website without using any third party tools like google analytics. In which I want to log screenshots, user details, page details and cookies. So what technology should I opt so as to achieve this goal and which will be best suited and what work flow should I follow.
I've never done this kind of work previously so I'm new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The technologies I know are : javascript, nodejs, django(python).
You will have to break down your application as it is a humongous task to create something like GA.
You will have to track many user activities(click,spend time etc).so you can do that in plain js or use a cross-platform lightweight library(angular.js) that can make your life a little easy.
Now since you will have to send large set of traced data to you database with minimum latency,use Node.js in this scenario.Simple Ajax call would also work but then it would be very slow.
Now comes your database.Prefer NoSql since it suits your requirement of unstructured data ,preferrablly MongoDb which can help you with its own mapReduce,large storage capacity
.Since there will be lot of calculation involved you can use your python knowledge which can help you process data a lot faster.you can use other languages as well(eg.Go)
Your processed data and results can then be stored in Redis(which acts as a caching layer).
you can use sophisticated graphic library like d3.js,Highcharts.js for displaying Graphical data on the client-side.
There are a lot of factors that can be involved.This is just a very basic outline of what you could do.

MySQL vs JSON vs Firebase as a database option [closed]

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I am currently developing a site to track credits gained from exams, and how these stack up against the user's goal credits.
I know JavaScript fairly well, but don't know any PHP.
What would be the best option to use as a database? Please, I am a beginner and I will be getting answers from advanced programmers. To me, your opinions count so please don't close this as asking for opinions.
I could use this on a PHP site, but it would involve me learning PHP. What are the benefits and would they outweigh the hassle of learning a whole new language?
Would it work if I used JSON files for data storage, and used xmlHttpRequest() to read and write information?
Would Firebase work as a fully operating database?
If you know javasript very well and aren't willing to learn a new server side language, I would recommend using Firebase. They way it works is very similar to if you had built your own REST api and just made ajax calls to it.
I wouldnt recommend using json to store data. Anytime you want to read there would be more data sent over the network than necessary and when you get enough data it would be impractical. Databases exist to avoid storing data in a file and simply reading/writing to the file.
Using php wouldnt be the best idea. It is a very powerful language, but it is incredibly easy to write major bugs with it. If you were to use it I would recommend learning a web framework because it would fix most of the bugs that you would write yourself. Heres a list of a bunch of php frameworks http://www.phpframeworks.com/. I think that there would be more benefits to you actually learning php. For starters, every developer should have more than 1 language in their toolbox. You should be able to approach a problem and know what the best way to solve it is and that starts with the exposure to different languages and technologies. Learning another language will take a decent amount of time, but you will get much more out of it than releasing your site a little bit earlier.
So to sum it up, I would use php(or any other scripting language for that matter) with a web framework. Your site would be more secure with the web framework and you will become a much better, more valuable developer by taking the time to learn something new.

Authenticating users without using php nor nodeJs [closed]

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If you don't want to read what im trying to do just skip to the "My question" part :)
My goal:
developing an application that saves as much server performance as possible.
There is no such thing as 100% secure, the app of course should be as secure as its coded.
However the founder of http://lavabit.com/ actually managed to take his security as far as making it NSA-safe (which obviously is the reason he had to shut it down).
My Progress:
I already discovered the BackboneJS Framework, which has saved me a lot of server-side coding,
using javascript templating, routing, input validation,client communication using websockets.
My Question:
since installing node or php on the server is a security risk in itself (which is the reason security issues need to be patched on newer versions.).I would like to know if there is a way to authenticate users without being forced to install nodeJs or PHP.
If you're able to use HTTPS then perhaps you could look at just using Basic access authentication? The web server itself would do the authentication - more information on Basic Auth in Apache can be found here.
I really think the experience you get from using a server-side language and cookies etc. is far richer and offers a much nicer user-experience. I'm not sure I understand the security risk[s] which you allude to. Alternatively if security is something which you are hesitant about, and feel that it will slow your app down, then perhaps you should consider designing your programme in such a way that security is not an issue.

Can I use javascript to write xml files, or will I have to learn php/asp/mysql/something else? [closed]

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I understand this question has been asked before, but I couldn't think of a simple definition of my problem to put in it's place. I am learning to do this informally, so I'm not exactly sure how to phrase questions/search for answers yet.
I'm trying to build a simple checklist program as I learn javascript - I'm doing this by hand without using any libraries (so no jQuery, just basic javascript). I have a functioning DOM interface getting formatted by CSS, all running in and editing the contents of a <div>, so that side of things seems fine.
I'm testing this off of my HDD and have no intention of hosting it anywhere.
Currently, I'm trying to solve my data storage problem without installing php/mysql/apache. I'd like to have each task list nested "subtasks" when selected, with one level of nesting.
To do this I'd like to create a new XML file every time I create a new task, and then append it's information to a list file (list.xml) so that I can navigate list.xml to dynamically display all the current primary tasks.
I've since learned that you cannot simply create new .xml files with javascript alone, for security reasons. While this makes sense, I'm now looking for other solutions.
What is the simplest way to store this information as it's entered? One solution I've considered is having just one XML file (so I always know what to point the script to), and using "<id>" nodes to slave subtasks to their respective primaries. This would, however, create a very long and disorganized XML file that would become cumbersome and annoying to traverse, forcing me to write a tricky method for looping through it.
Should I continue as I am to simply complete the project and help lock in my skills (it will be my first complete "program" with a gui of any kind that wasn't dictated by a guide or lesson), or should I bite the bullet and go through the annoying php install (I did this on my last tower and it was a frustrating time-consuming mess) and learn php/mysql/apache for all the server-side nonsense?
sry about tl;dr please help my pynchonesque code masters will kill me
You can't do much in web programming with only user side. Sooner or later you will have to learn also server side. And installing PHP is not so annoying. You can use wamp server. It has very simple installation.
If you're learning Javascript, I'd recommend staying with Javascript (don't jump over to PHP or some such just because it'll save you 5 minutes in configuration).
There are a number of really nice Javascript serverside frameworks that will happily write files to the file system or talk to a database for you. Node.js is currently the most popular. I don't want to start a flame war about how or why Node is superior to PHP, I'm simply saying that if you're a beginner, I wouldn't mix apples and oranges and just stay within one language.