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Custom Security in WLE 7.2

We are trying to integrate our external database schema as one of the security provider for WLE 7.2. We found that in one of the IBM article saying that, using federated repository allows us to use multiple repositories that are combined under a single security realm. The repositories can be file-based, LDAP, a sub-tree of an LDAP repository, or a database.
Doc ref:
We were able to integrate LDAP repository successfully using federated repositiry option through wepshere admin console.
We are trying to find out the steps to integarte the external database as one of the security provider for WLE 7.2, we couldn't find any documents on how to integrate database as one of the security provider.
Also, We tried with Custom Standalone User Registry option which is available in the websphere admin console, used the FileRegistrySample example code to use the property file as the reference for the user credentials to authenticate. We were able to authenticate with the user which is in property file, but we observed that, Custom Standalone User Registry option is replacing with Fedarated repository , eithe any one of the repository is getting activated.
Could you please help us to provide the steps to go with external database as one of the security provider for WLE 7.2.
Can anyone help me on the Custom Security implementation in WLE 7.2.
Can anyone help me on the Custom Security implementation in WLE 7.2.
Hi ,
I am not sure whether this community site is working but still, I am expecting a reply for my request.
Hi ,
I am not sure whether this community site is working but still, I am expecting a reply for my request.
I think the problem here is that this is really a Websphere server configuration problem and not a BPM problem. I know you just want to get an answer and don't care who it comes from, but most of the posts here have to do with the creation of BPM solutions within Process Designer / Integration Designer, and not very much about server configuration.
I did some poking around since I was a bit curious how to do this. What I found is that the information is a bit thin on the ground. Looking into the WAS 8 Info center where I did find this entry which seems to have the base instructions, although it seems that it wants WAS to be able to create your DB schema, so I don't know if it will work for your use case. In another info center article it stated that DB repositories can only be setup using wsadmin commands, which I take to mean that you cannot do this from the admin console UI.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Andrew Paier | Director | BP3 Global, Inc.
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