IBM Business Process Manager

How to use BPM variables in custom HTML

IBM BPM V8.0.1.
I am using below html in new coach to launch a popup window to show a document. The document name has to be determined at runtime so I am using a variable to pass the doc name to method. But it doesn't take the variable value rather its takeing as string.
Click here for simple popup window
Could anyone help me with how use variables in custom html in new coach.
If this is a CoachView base custom HTML it does not understand the <#...#> syntax used in Coach Designer. Instead, I would make a custom coach view with the HTML from above on the layout. You should then basically do something like the following in your "onLoad" event -
var anchor = this.context.element.getElementsByName('a')[0]; //this should get the a tag in your custom HTML
anchor.onclick = "'html/custom/'"+this.context.binding.get("value")+")";
And if you bind your tw.local.fileName to this view when you drop it in this should work. Some notes however -
It looks like you may be putting some of your own UI pieces inside the Teamworks.ear file. This is considered a very bad practice.
The code above doesn't do all the checks you really should do to prevent an error when you haven't bound the control to a variable.
I didn't test the above, so you might need to do a different call to change the on click event for the element.
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