Update Salesforce Object from Marketing Cloud Automation Studio Using Script - javascript

I would like to update a record in the Sales Cloud object using Script in Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud.
I found the code: https://gist.github.com/katydorjee/818912244f95c49c0bf52c175d00cfe8. I've tried to apply it to my case, but it errors "ERROR: A runtime error occurred while the SSJS Activity executed the SSJS script. Please review the SSJS activity to ensure that errors are handled properly."
<script runat="server">
var sfUpdateString;
var targetDE = DataExtension.Init('xxx').Rows.Retrieve();
for (var i = 0; i < targetDE.length; i++)
var Field1 = targetDE[i].AccountID;
var Field2 = targetDE[i].Gender;
sfUpdateString = '';
sfUpdateString = '%'+'%[SET #uso = UpdateSingleSalesforceObject("Account","'+Field1+'"';
sfUpdateString += ',"Gender__c","'+Field2+'")]%'+'%';
Data Extension:
|AccountID | Gender |
| ------------------ | -------------- |
| 0015g00000FwcXXXXX | Female |
Account (Salesforce Object):
Id = 0015g00000FwcXXXXX
Name = Mr. A
Gender__c(picklist field) = ' ' (I would like to update this field to be "Female")

I change "Platform.Load("core","1.1.1");" to "Platform.Load("core","1");" and it works well now.


Programmatically upload file on Sharepoint using ReactJs

I am new to use ReactJS, I need community help to solve my problem statement.
Problem statement :- I want to upload image file in Sharepoint using ReactJS and as response I want back image's Sharepoint URL, so that I can save in data base to display those images in my application pages.
I am developing a web app and this app is running under teams as tab.
Here is one reference link I have tried but I am unable implement successfully.
After implementing this I am getting following error:-
TypeError: Cannot read property 'getFolderByServerRelativeUrl' of undefined
653 | //var files = this._input.files;
654 | //var file = files[0];
655 | //Upload a file to the SharePoint Library`enter code here`
> 656 | sp.web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl(this.props.context.pageContext.web.serverRelativeUrl)
| ^ 657 | //sp.web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl(this.props.context.pageContext.web.serverRelativeUrl + "/MyDocs")
658 | .files.add(file.name, file, true)
659 | .then((data) =>{
View compiled
600 |
601 | //console.log('fileVar[i].name ' + reader.fileName);
602 |
> 603 | this.uploadFileFromControl(fileVar[i]);
| ^ 604 |
605 | logoImages.push({image: reader.result, name: reader.fileName});
606 | this.setState({eventLogoImageUrl: JSON.stringify(logoImages)});
I am not getting this weather this sp.web will work under teams app or not?
Please help
Thanks in advance.
Basically you are getting error because your getFolderByServerRelativeUrl is not getting any value or undefined
You need to use the function like this and call this function on the button click
private uploadFileFromControl() {
//Get the file from File DOM
var files = this._input.files;
var file = files[0];
//Upload a file to the SharePoint Library
var url = this.props.context.pageContext.web.serverRelativeUrl;
pnp.sp.web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl( url+ "/FormServerTemplates")
.files.add(file.name, file, true)
.then((data) => {
alert("File uploaded sucessfully");
.catch((error) => {
alert("Error is uploading");
In the render use this code of html rendering
return (
<div className={ styles.maincontainer }>
<input type="file" ref={(elm) => { this._input = elm; }}></input>
<button onClick={() => this.uploadFileFromControl()} >
Run this command
npm install sp-pnp-js --save
Import sp-pnp-js
import * as pnp from 'sp-pnp-js';
The reason for this problem should be that pnp js is not imported correctly.
npm install sp-pnp-js --save
Run this command in your command bar.
Official example:
If you need further help,please share the full code in tsx file.

How can I read the checked state of a checkbox within the cell of a dynamically created HTML table

I am using JS to determine the checked state of checkboxes which are contained within cells of a table which has been loaded dynamically into a web page.
The page comprises 2 fieldsets:-
| <param1> <param2> { Load button } |
| {Update button} |
+-ResultFieldset id=resultFS-----------------+
| Ref_ID Description Ready |
| +-resultTable id=outTable----------------+ |
| | 123 chair [ ] | |
| | 167 dresser [ ] | |
| | 231 sofa [ ] | |
| | ... etc... | |
| +----------------------------------------+ |
Notes "[ ]" above depicts a table cell containing an input with type = checkbox;
param1, param2 are dropdown selectors
Initially the ResultFieldset is empty; and is loaded when the "Load" button is clicked (using a JQuery post statement) after the select parameters have been specified.
$.post("../listProducts.php", {
AccName: account,
From: startDate}, function(data){
Once the resultTable is displayed, the user checks the checkboxes as relevant in the table rows.
Subsequently, when the "Update" button is clicked I need to loop through each table row, read that row's Ref_ID value and then, depending on the checked status of the associated checkbox, post an Update to the specified row of a MySQL table.
The code to loop through the table is:-
$("#btnUpdate").on('click', function() {
for (var i=0, row; row = outTable.rows[i]; i++) {
var rowRef = row.cells[1].textContent;
console.log( "Ref_ID = " + rowRef);
var isChecked = 0;
if (row.cells[2].firstChild.checked = true){
isChecked = 1;
// update MySQL table using rowRef;
console.log( "Ref_ID = " + rowRef + " Ready = " + isChecked);
This code logs the Ref_ID values as expected but I'm unable to determine the checkbox state in any row. (The checkboxes are behaving as expected on the webpage - clicking sets & unsets them.)
Please advise on how I should code for this (using either JS or JQuery). Thanks..

How to send email on Adobe Air + backbone.js application

I have developed a web application using Adobe Air and Backbone.js. I'm using jade template to create a contact form. The jade code of the form look like below:
input(type="hidden" name="type_contact" value="")
- inco = { fkey:"contact_description" }
include field_textarea_val
- inco = { fkey:"contact_email" }
include field_text_val
- inco = { fkey:"contact_phone" }
include field_text_val
a#sendBtn.btn.btn-warning( imsg="send", href="#rwSendContact" )
When user click send button, all content from input fields will send to the controller. Please look at the controller code as below:
var ContactRouter =
"rwSendContact": "sendcontact"
sendcontact: function(){
var values = getFieldValuesInContact();
var service_id = 'myservice';
var template_id = 'welcome';
var template_params = {
name: 'John',
reply_email: 'myemail#yahoo.com',
message: 'This is awesome!'
var contact = new ContactRouter();
From the line emailjs.send(service_id,template_id,template_params);, I want a library that can help me to send email. Can you guys give me a suggestion for what library can I use to archive this?

Zimlets in zimbra, how to make a simple SearchRequest?

I'm a little desperate because I can not perform a simple search on my zimlet.
I just want to make a search in the custom folder.
The search should only display messages that are within my custom folder.
Like when I click on the custom folder in the left pane. exactly the same.
this is what shows the html header by pressing the icon of my custom folder in the left pane.
{"Header":{"context":{"_jsns":"urn:zimbra","userAgent":{"name":"ZimbraWebClient - FF39 (Linux)","version":"8.6.0_GA_1153"},"session":{"_content":150,"id":150},"account":{"_content":"admin#localhost.local","by":"name"},"csrfToken":"0_a3050edfdf238eadfdfdfdff2f14b4968e3"}},"Body":{"SearchRequest":{"_jsns":"urn:zimbraMail","sortBy":"dateDesc","header":[{"n":"List-ID"},{"n":"X-Zimbra-DL"},{"n":"IN-REPLY-TO"}],"tz":{"id":"America/Mexico_City"},"locale":{"_content":"es_MX"},"offset":0,"limit":100,"query":"in:\\"mycustomfolder\\"","types":"conversation","recip":"0","fullConversation":1,"needExp":1}}}
I'm trying with this code, within my com_zimbra_myzimlet.js
com_zimbra_myzimlet_HandlerObject.prototype._getShowResultFolderId =
function(t) {
var e=AjxSoapDoc.create("SearchRequest","urn:zimbraMail");
var cuery="raulicci";
so far I can not find a way to make the consultation, although I imagine it is something easy as already implemented in zimbra comes when one gives click on the icon in my custom folder in the left pane.
I would like to use the default template that has zimbra to show INBOX, or the current folders.
When you click on the icon of the current folder in the left pane, us a list of emails appears as INBOX
I'm doing with my little zimlet one query with soap and json and I answered a JSON string.
This string json is a mailing list that are in the folder where you perform the query.
For request use:
var jsonObj = {SearchRequest:{_jsns:"urn:zimbraMail"}};
var request = jsonObj.SearchRequest;
request.sortBy = "dateDesc";
request.offset = 0;
request.limit = 100;
request.query = 'in:\"MYCURRENTFOLDER\"';
request.types = "conversation";
request.recips = "0";
request.fullConversation = 1;
request.needExp = 1;
var params = {
callback: (new AjxCallback(this, this._handleSOAPResponseJSON)),
errorCallback: (new AjxCallback(this, this._handleSOAPErrorResponseJSON)),
return appCtxt.getAppController().sendRequest(params);
For response use:
if (result.isException()) {
// do something with exception
var exception = result.getException();
else {
response = { _jsns: "urn:zimbraMail", more: false };
// do something with response (in JSON format)
var response = result.getResponse();
var name = response.name;
var soapURL = response.publicURL;
var soapURL = response.soapURL;
var aller = result.getResponse();
var searchResult = new ZmSearchResult(this);
appCtxt.setStatusMsg("Response (JSON) success - "+name);
JSON response to be displayed in the default template of INBOX integrated zimbra
({SearchResponse:{sortBy:"dateDesc", offset:0, c:[{id:"314", u:0, n:2, f:"s", d:1438663876000, su:"lokitox", fr:"lex", e:[{a:"admin#localhost.local", d:"admin", t:"f"}], m:[{id:"313", l:"300"}, {id:"312", l:"5", f:"s"}], sf:"1438663876000"}, {id:"-309", u:0, n:1, d:1438662639000, su:"Daily mail report for 2015-08-03", fr:"Grand Totals -- messages 91 received 117 delivered 0 forwarded 134 deferred (134 deferrals) 169 bounced 0 rejected (0%) 0 reject warnings 0 held 0 ...", e:[{a:"admin#localhost.local", d:"admin", t:"f"}], m:[{id:"309", s:"7232", l:"300"}], sf:"1438662639000"}], more:false, _jsns:"urn:zimbraMail"}})
Thankz, I hope someone has knowledge of how to do it

Trouble with nested nodes with using Firebase + AngularJS for a chat app

I am trying to create a small chat app to help me learn AngularFire (Firebase + AngularJS). The only functionality i am trying to get is the ability to create chat rooms and then the ability to chat in each room. By the way, i'm doing this in Rails if it matters (my user login and everything is handled through Rails).
So far i have this as my sample code, this is what the view looks like:
<div ng-controller="RoomsCtrl">
<div ng-repeat="rm in rooms">
<li class="message phm pvm pull-left" ng-repeat="msg in messages">
<span class="message-author">{{msg.from}}</span>
<span class="message-body">{{msg.body}}</span>
<span class="message-timestamp">{{msg.timestamp | date:'MMM d, yyyy h:mm a'}}</span>
<span class="hidden"><%= current_user.full_name %></span>
<textarea ng-model="msgBody" ng-keydown="addMessage($event)" placeholder="What's on your mind..."></textarea>
<input type="text" ng-model="roomName" ng-keydown="addRoom($event)" placeholder="Enter a room name..."><
Here is my AngularFire script:
var app = angular.module("ChatApp", ["firebase"]);
function RoomsCtrl($scope, $firebase) {
var organizationId;
if (gon) {
organizationId = gon.organization_id;
var orgRef = new Firebase("https://glowing-fire-7051.firebaseio.com/"+organizationId);
$scope.rooms = $firebase(orgRef);
$scope.addRoom = function(e) {
if (e.keyCode != 13) return;
$scope.rooms.$add({name: $scope.roomName, timestamp: new Date().getTime()})
$scope.roomName = "";
$scope.messages = $firebase(orgRef);
$scope.addMessage = function(e) {
if (e.keyCode != 13) return;
$scope.messages.$add({name: $scope.msgName, body: $scope.msgBody, timestamp: new Date().getTime()})
$scope.msgBody = "";
Each user belongs_to and Organization as you can see by the gon part that is just getting the id of the organization that the current_user belongs to. The code i have for the addRoom does actually create a room under the organization. The Forge data looks like this:
<my forge id>
name: "Test Room"
timestamp: 1394500795299
name: "Another Room"
timestamp: 1394508307247
I am also seeing the data being reflected on the site as well. When i create a new room, the room displays on the site. My problem (i think) lies only with the messages. I have been researching for hours with little to no success on a the subject of nested references. I kind of understand it but i haven't been able to figure out how i can create a room (dynamically through the site) and then have access to create messages under that room's node in Firebase.
My view code above shows you how i was thinking it would display on the page. My question is, how do i tie the two together through Firebase / AngularFire? Thanks in advance for any help! And let me know if you have any questions that might shed more light on anything.
I sent this question to Firebase support through their website and received a response helping me with almost all of it. I sent a follow up email to get clarification on a section i'm not understanding in their response and waiting to here back. Their advice was to replace:
var orgRef = new Firebase("https://glowing-fire-7051.firebaseio.com/"+organizationId);
var orgRef = new Firebase("https://glowing-fire-7051.firebaseio.com/").child(organizationId);
That would create a new Firebase reference for a child of an existing location. Then they said to use this for my $scope.messages definition:
$scope.messages = $firebase(orgRef.child(roomID).child("messages"));
This would assume that in /1/room/ there is a child named “messages” which holds your messages.
The part i am having trouble with is the .child(roomID) in the messages definition because it is telling me it is undefined (which it is). What should that be defined as...i'm assuming it should be the ID of the newly created room?
I finally got the answer to my question from posting on the Firebase + AngularJS google group. I was missing a couple things. Here is my final code:
var app = angular.module("ChatApp", ["firebase"]);
function RoomsCtrl($scope, $firebase) {
var organizationId;
if (gon) {
organizationId = gon.organization_id;
var orgRef = new Firebase("https://<my forge id>.firebaseio.com/").child(organizationId);
$scope.rooms = $firebase(orgRef.child('rooms'));
$scope.addRoom = function(e) {
if (e.keyCode != 13) return;
$scope.rooms.$add({name: $scope.roomName, timestamp: new Date().getTime()}).then(function(ref){
var roomId = ref.name();
$scope.messages = $firebase(orgRef.child('rooms').child(roomId).child("messages"));
$scope.roomName = "";
$scope.addMessage = function(e) {
if (e.keyCode != 13) return;
$scope.messages.$add({name: $scope.msgName, body: $scope.msgBody, timestamp: new Date().getTime()})
$scope.msgBody = "";
The main parts that i was missing was the .then() callback and i wasn't setting up the definition to $scope.messages correctly where it would be referencing the parent room. These lines are the major part of the fix:
$scope.rooms.$add({name: $scope.roomName, timestamp: new Date().getTime()}).then(function(ref){
var roomId = ref.name();
$scope.messages = $firebase(orgRef.child('rooms').child(roomId).child("messages"));
Hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem.