Parallax "scrolling" only through navigation - javascript

Since I'm still new to Javascript/Jquery/HTML5/CSS3, I thought I'd ask a question for all you much more experienced programmers out there.
I'm kind of stuck at the beginning of my program logic. I want to do a website with a parallax "scrolling" effect, however the effect should only take place when the user clicks navigation buttons on the edges of the screen.
The layout of the website will be like this:
The "O"'s are the content divs, "X" is the "home" page (point of origin). If the user clicks the arrow at the top of the screen (from point of origin), the page will scroll up. Same goes for any of the other directions. I'm wanting one giant photo of the establishment in the background that shifts it's position based on the specific content div they "scroll" to, using the parallax effect.
I've been racking my brain for two days trying to figure out where to start with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please let me know if I need to be more specific about something. Thank you!

The home page content is in the middle of the parallax experience.
For this reason, you will need a parallax plugin that can handle both vertical and horizontal parallax effects to allow proper navigation in your webpage.
Consider: Scrolling Parallax Plugin for jQuery
The above parallax demo page allows you to scroll both directions.
Here's the method/approach I would take using this plugin.
1. Design your website with horizontal and vertical content as required. Layout example:
OOO Here, the top of the webpage is content about the "starting" point.
OXO Next, you have content on the sides of the "starting" point as shown.
OOO Finally, content is below the "starting" point to complete the webpage.
2. Since the webpage visitor will see the very top of the webpage which is not desired, use jQuery.scrollTo() Plugin to set the "starting" point on page load.
3. Use a plugin or method that will allow 4 transparent arrow "div's" that are at each viewport side in "fixed" position. When clicking (or hovering) with the mouse, this will simulate scrollbar movement and the parallax webpage plugin will react accordingly. Example of layout (note outer navigation is semi-transparent):
UUUUU Webpage top-content is here plus the overlay arrow for UP Navigation.
LOOOR LEFT and RIGHT Navigation arrows are seen on top of more "top" content.
LOXOR The center starting point will show the "fixed" Navigation arrows.
LOOOR LEFT and RIGHT Navigation arrows are seen below the "starting" point.
DDDDD Bottom-content is here plus the overlay arrow for DOWN Navigation.
The most difficult part of the webpage is to have enough "filler-content" that occupies the top and sides of the "starting" point. But if that "filler-content" is a thumbnail gallery, then this particular parallax page would look really nice (and unusual!).


Delayed / animated scroll presentation

Anyone knows what I can use to create an scroll effect like the one of this website?
When mouse wheel is used the presentation pages are shown one by one and the user is forced to stay some seconds at least on the page (if he doesn't use the right navigation).
I built my site using React. It has a pinned site navigation menu on the left, a pinned page navigation menu (to navigate through the current presentation pages) on the right and the main content on the middle. I need to apply this effect to the main content only and keep the right and left parts as they are.
The effect itself
Animation ideas

overflow-x: scroll and overflow-y:visible nightmare with x-scrolling and dropdown menu

Before i start, I wanted to let you know that I have been searching high and low for a solution to my issue but the closest thread I've found is unfortunately without the answer to the actual problem - Position absolute inside div with overflow-x scroll and overflow-y visible
Essentially I got main page where I am dynamically loading some other pages and on some of them I used dropdown listboxes. It happened that I haven't noticed it earlier as content any of the pages wasn't wide enough for me to spot the problem.
The problem I face is absolutely positioned div (which contain dropdown) and visible horizontal scroll bar on the parent of this div. When I scroll my page horizontally the dropdown div stays in the same place on the screen. I read about "popping out" absolute divs under this link: but even there, I can observe similar issue I am currently facing, which is appearing of the vertical scroll on the parent element. I am trying to achieve similar effect like here: but stop vertical scroll bar to appear when the listbox is expanded - instead it should overflow the box and party cover horizontal scroll bar. Here I've found another prompt example how can I achieve it but when i try to play with it and make red boxes scrollable with content as well as overflowing outside of the content vertically, without creating vertical scrollbar, I am failing... I am also fine with using JS if CSS on it's own can't deliver such effect.
In the end after 3 days battle, the CSS won and I need to ask for a help...
Any support will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Trying to create a Responsive Scrolling Sticky Menu

I'm trying to create a responsive website in Dreamweaver with a header and menu which initially scroll and then stick to the top of the page.
The header and menu would need to scroll over the top of a fixed hero image.
This hero image can't be defined as a background as it will be powered by a flexslider script to change the image after a set time.
I would also like the sticky header to possibly shrink down in height when it reaches the top of the page, to reduce the amount of screen space it takes up.
I've found a number of sticky menu examples on-line and some seem to have the annoying trait where the content directly below the menu disappears behind it at the point at which the menu sticks to the top of the screen. I would like to avoid this.
Please find a Mock-up of what I'm looking for here
Obviously, all of the above won't be acceptable on a mobile device.
So for mobiles, the header would need to scroll out of the way, leaving just a hamburger style menu fixed at the top of the screen.
I have found a number of examples on-line with elements of what I require, but nothing yet that combines everything.
I've tried cutting and pasting code from different sources, but haven't yet achieved the desired effect.
I don't know if what I'm asking for is workable, but I would appreciate if anyone could point me to examples of how to achieve this (or improve upon what I'm looking for).
Neil White
Use this JS
it adds the class is-sticky to the element which you wanted to stick to top. So you can add height in css for is-sticky class. Which in terms will reduce or increase the height of element when it reaches to top as per your requirement.

Create one-page website, scrollable vertical and horizontal

I'd like to create a one-page website where you can click a button and navigate to a different part of the website by automatically moving to it. This movement could be to the left, right, up or down.
This is an example of how the full, zoomed out page would look like:
The idea is that only one of these pages should be visible at a time in the browser. So when you're on the "main page", you only see that one, and not what's to the left, right, up or bottom from it. You should be able to move to these around it by clicking links on the page.
Now I have no idea how to start this. Do I make one giant html page, like the image, and do the zoom and movement to an other page with some JavaScript library?
Or will I have to make this completely in the canvas object? If so, any useful libraries I could use?
Thanks in advance,

diagonal parallax with scrollto nav

I'm trying to create a site that has a parallax type effect with scrollTo navigation control.
Similar to however I only need to scroll on left and right (up & down). I can do horizontal and vertical parallax, and scrollTo I just cant get the diagonal parallax working (with mouse scroll)
I've currently got it working using scrollTo however this disables the user being able to scroll with the mouse. I'm creating a dynamic one page site so some times a pages content may be longer then other areas so the user will need to scroll down, once they reach the end of this content the parallax effect kicks in.
Can anyone suggest a way to do this? Or point me in the right direction.